Camp Suki is the largest costume resource

in the country with a collection of thousands of

period dresses, fantastic headdresses, etc. It is

virtually a museum of sorts which caters to the whims

and fantasies of the customer.

Established in 1979, Lito Perez is the creative force

behind this novel idea which was conceived when a

customer asked for a gown to rent instead of ordering

a special one. Perez gathered his costumes left-over from

parties and started renting them out. The rest is history.

Lito Perez has been designing since his high school days.

He was president of the Fashion Designers Association of

the Philippines and is currently an active board member.

His range of styles is from avant-garde to simple

yet dramatic conservative with a twist.

History is his inspiration every time. Perez designs show

various twists in the look of the Maria Clara

experimenting with different textures and treatments to

create a "pinoy look" transcending fashion, art and time.