Currently a designer / entrepreneur whose main business concern is CAMP SUKI, dealing in the manufacture and rental of costumes, specializing in period and contemporary costumes and accessories. CAMP SUKI is a pioneering venture in the rental of formal wear and costumes, established in 1979 and is the only one of its kind in Manila.


Past President and Chairman of the FASHION DESIGNERS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES, from 1990 to 1992 and 2000 to 2001 respectively and chairman of other fund raising projects of the association.


A graduate of Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of the Philippines, Class 1982, He has participated in various solo and group shows in Manila, Singapore and Taipei, USA and London. He was a finalist at the Manila Fashion Awards held in Manila 1989and the Asian Young Designer Awards sponsored by JETHRO, in 1990. He represented the country in Singapore Fashion Conventions in 1991 and the Rotary World Convention held in Taipei, Republic of China in 1994. He also showed in London on February 20th, 2002 showing his collection for the Overseas Women's Club at the Imperial Hotel, London, UK.


His latest collections were shown in a grand 5-state fashion tour in the United States from August to September 2003. Lito Perez's fashion tour led him to California, New Jersey, Florida, Chicago and Hawaii, ending the year 2003 with style.